About The Soul Collective

Who Are We ?

The Soul Collective. A community, independent of all internet radio stations and their Presenters, solely focused on spreading the love for our genre of soul music.

What We Do?

We offer a meeting place, TSC Chatroom, where everyone from the soul community can gather to chat, share opinions and listen to music from a selection of the top Internet soul stations on the web, via The Soul Multi Player.

By regularly posting to ‘specialist’ Facebook groups we reach over one million members on the Soul scene, with the aim of spreading the love we all have for this genre of music.

What Can You Do?

On our Facebook page you can post flyers for your shows or events, live links to presenters on air, after-show links such as Mixcloud and download links, along with reviews, opinions or even just personal shouts.

All we ask is you keep it friendly and help spread the love !

Why Was This Setup?

Originally setup as a meeting place to accommodate loyal listeners, as well as the presenters, the Admin team of Pete Evans, Martin Tiller (Gem) and Dave Regan have developed and expanded the original concept into the Website, Chatroom and Facebook page you see today, all aimed at helping the soul community.

There is too much ill feeling around the scene at the moment and we would like to see it stop. Therefore this was setup to basically bring everyone together and to take a break from the hate and so called politics.

How can you help ?

As a station owner, a presenter or a listener, just spread the word and embrace the concept. We would love owners to promote us on your stations, presenters to encourage listeners to interact in the chatroom during their shows and listeners to share the experience with all your friends.

Remember we are completely independent with no allegiance to any individual station. All are welcome !

All of the people………..from all of the stations………..in one place !